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Highfield Range Officer Duty - December 2021 - March 2023

---Updated 11 Apr 20222---

If you are unable to attend on that date due to work or family commitments can you please try to change the date with another person.

Please do not just leave it for another individual to stand in for you.  

14-Dec-21 Clive
16-Aug-22 Dave
21-Dec-21 Andy D
23-Aug-22 Rich
28-Dec-21 Paul
30-Aug-22 John
04-Jan-22 Rich
06-Sep-22 Andy W
11-Jan-22 John
13-Sep-22 Keith
18-Jan-22 Andy W
20-Sep-22 Danny
25-Jan-22 Keith
27-Sep-22 Ian
01-Feb-22 Danny
04-Oct-22 Alan
08-Feb-22 Ian
11-Oct-22 Clive
15-Feb-22 Alan
18-Oct-22 Andy D
22-Feb-22 Clive
25-Oct-22 Graham
01-Mar-22 Andy D
01-Nov-22 Dave
08-Mar-22 Graham
08-Nov-22 Rich
15-Mar-22 Dave
15-Nov-22 John
22-Mar-22 Rich
22-Nov-22 Andy W
29-Mar-22 John
29-Nov-22 Keith
05-Apr-22 Andy W
06-Dec-22 Danny
12-Apr-22 Keith
13-Dec-22 Ian
19-Apr-22 Danny
20-Dec-22 Alan
26-Apr-22 Ian
27-Dec-22 Clive
03-May-22 Alan
03-Jan-23 Andy D
10-May-22 Clive
10-Jan-23 Graham
17-May-22 Andy D
17-Jan-23 Dave
24-May-22 Graham
24-Jan-23 Rich
31-May-22 Dave
31-Jan-23 John
07-Jun-22 Rich
07-Feb-23 Andy W
14-Jun-22 John
14-Feb-23 Keith
21-Jun-22 Andy W
21-Feb-23 Danny
28-Jun-22 Keith
28-Feb-23 Ian
05-Jul-22 Danny
07-Mar-23 Alan
12-Jul-22 Ian
14-Mar-23 Clive
19-Jul-22 Alan
21-Mar-23 Andy D
26-Jul-22 Clive
28-Mar-23 Graham
02-Aug-22 Andy D

09-Aug-22 Graham

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